Monday, 3 February 2014

James May, television presenter

Back in the Summer of 2008 we were motoring across Scotland, driving at a good speed through some moorland in Perthshire, when I spotted a film crew. More surprisingly I recognized the man in front of the camera, none other than "Top Gear" host James May, who was then making a series about beer. The program he was working on that day - the 4th of August - was about heather beer. Anyway, as a bit of a fan of "Top Gear," we immediately stopped and I got out to go and see if I could get a photo. May was genial and friendly and we took a photo together and had a brief chat about his two Top Gear co-hosts, which I recall here purely from memory.

CBL: So, what do you really think of Jeremy Clarkson?
JM: He's a big cock.
CBL: And Hammond?
JM: He's a little cock.
CBL: And you?
JM: I'm a middle-sized cock.

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