Saturday, 1 October 2011

Heidi Klum, model

I interviewed supermodel Heidi Klum at the inaugural MTV Japan Awards on Friday the 24th of May, 2002, in the press conference room. There were about 30 other journalists, some of whom asked a couple of questions, but I have included here only the questions I asked her.

HK: It [MTV Japan Awards] is very exciting because it's the first time. I think MTV’s really big in Japan. MTV’s big all over the World but I think especially in Japan. I’ve never been in Japan so I love coming over here.

CBL: You said that MTV's very big in Japan, but you've never been in Japan before, you said.

HK: But I know it's very big over here.

CBL: How would you learn about this?

HK: Because I think that the Japanese people are really into fashion and they're really into music, and that it's known in the World that they're very fashionable.

CBL: So, do you think that fashion is an important component of MTV?

HK: I think so too. Yes, because the artists, the performers, they show the public, y'know, different hairstyles and they show them different clothes and I think that influences the designers too and that’s what we wear outside.

CBL: There are a lot of fashionable people here tonight and you're very fashionable as well, but you're not a musician. Do you feel a little bit out of place?

HK: No, not really because what I do is entertaining too. I've done movies and sitcoms so I feel that it all goes together a little bit.

CBL: It's all showbiz?

HK: Yeh, and Akebono [sumo wrestler] is not a musician. Y'know, I think that is what's very exciting...

CBL: It's Konishki [another sumo wrestler]

HK: Sorry.

CBL: Tonight, it's Konishki, I think.

HK: No, I was with Akebono.

CBL: OK, thank you very much.

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