Monday, 5 January 2009

Jim Lambie, conceptual artist

In December 2008, while he was introducing his new show at Tokyo's Hara museum, I buttonholed the artist Jim Lambie. This is the tapescript of our brief and not very profound exchange. And, no, that is NOT a blood-soaked mattress hanging from the wall.

JL: In the stairwell here, eh, again, y'know, there's a suggestion of family home and coming up to the bedrooms up here. Eh, I thought it maybe nice to, eh, have a mattress to sort of trigger that, eh, idea. The mattress sort of appears to be sort of pushed up floating onto the wall, and, eh, I just thought it was nice to suggest a little bit of reverie or a bit of dream, so…yeh.

CBL: Why did you use red for this one?

JL: I was just an aesthetic decision. I thought it would be nice with the black and white floor and the gray walls, y'know.

CBL: It just looks like a murder scene, though.

JL: Yeh it does. Somebody else mentioned it.

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