Sunday, 20 January 2008

Debbie Harry, singer

I wasn't able to line up a phoner with Debbie Harry from Blondie. Instead, I emailed her some questions and received the following rather dull replies (the questions aren't too hot either!).
The 'interview' took place sometime before the email containing the answers was sent to me on the 22nd of August, 2006.

CBL: What was the secret of Blondie's success?

DH: I think it was a combination of tenacity, creativity and good luck that made us a success. You really struggle when you first start out and we worked very hard to get where we are now. 

CBL: Various rock bands that have been around for years (Rolling Stones, etc.) are still going strong. Why are Blondie calling it a day?

DH: We are calling it day for a variety of personal reasons. The band was just inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame here in the US and it seemed like a good time to go out with that honor.

CBL: What do you think of the contemporary music scene?

DH: There is so much wonderful music out there now. It’s very diverse and that makes it exciting. Popular music has made us fearless of the new which is a good thing. Currently, culture and music are about the now and it wasn’t like [that] before. It used to be about what took place before and re-living the past instead of the present or future.

CBL: What do you think Blondie's main legacy will be?

DH: We will be remembered as being the forerunners of girl fronted rock bands for one thing. Blondie also broke with tradition by doing several crossover songs that blended rap, reggae, and disco into our music.

CBL: Do you have any interesting memories of Japan that you would like to share?

DH: We always feel our visits to Japan are too short and we don’t get to see everything we would like to or say hello to everyone we would like to. We are very interested in Japanese culture and history, both the past and present, and really look forward to being there. Can’t wait to see all of our wonderful fans in Japan. Hope to see everyone at the shows! Thank you.

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